The Japan Diaries: Calico Cat Cafe, Shinjuku

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Calico Cat Cafe Japan

Next up in the journey through Japan is potentially the most momentous and memorable occurrance of the whole trip – a CAT CAFE.

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept (prepare to have your minds blown!) it’s a cafe just like any other, where you can pop for a nice drink or a bite to eat, to socialise with your friends and hang out, but THERE’S A LOAD OF FREAKIN’ CATS.

Cat playing Nintendo at a Cat Cafe, Japan

In case you hadn’t yet guessed, I’m a huge cat lover so this was like my idea of heaven. There were so so many cats, all up to crazy cat activities like sleeping, eating, playing Nintedo and climbing stuff. It made me want to become a crazy cat lady earlier than previously anticipated.

Calico Cat Cafe, Tokyo Japan

There are numerous cat cafes just like this one in Tokyo, Japan, but we stumbled across this one in Shinjuku almost by accident. I knew that I simply had to visit one, but amazingly we found one right on the same street as our hostel on the first full day we spent in Tokyo.

You arrive at the front desk and pay to enter the cafe (which really wasn’t that expensive) and make your way in to make your furry friends.

I was amazed by just how many cats there were – all of different varieties and not a moggy in sight! There was what can only be described as a cat catalogue which showcased all the different breeds which could be seen. And all the kitties’ names, of course!

It became apparent pretty quickly that few really go to this cafe to drink or eat food, although many punters were handing over cash in order to feed the cats. Which of course I had to get in on, too; after all, the way to a cat’s heart is through it’s stomach!

Feed a cat by hand at a Japanese Cat Cafe

Longhair Cat in Calico Cat Cafe, Shinjuku Japan

Cat Cafe, Tokyo Japan

Cat Cafe Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan

Cats in Cat Cafe Shinjuku Japan

Feeding time was pretty nuts, and considering it only happens every four hours or so we were lucky to have seen it. Imagine about 50 cats all clambering to get to a copious bowls of food. Well, it was exactly that.

Feeding Time at a Japanese Cat Cafe

Cats eating at a Cat Cafe in Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan

After kitty dinner time, it was time to either climb on the kitty climbing frame or, well, sleep. And most of them did sleep. Oh to have the life of a cat! If I was a cat though, I probably wouldn’t pick living in a cat cafe as you’re sure to get crazed, blonde English tourists taking pictures on you every five seconds and squealing embarrassingly every time you did nothing.

Sleeping Cat in a Cat Cafe, Tokyo Japan

Sleeping cat in Tokyo Japan Cat Cafe

Sleeping Cat in bed in a Japanese Cat Cafe

Dat paw! He’s using a cat pillow! Squee!

Huge cat, Calico Cat Cafe, Japan

Cat almost the same size as me…

Cat sat on till in Calico Cat Cafe Tokyo Japan

Have you ever been to a cafe cafe before? There’s one opening in London this week – I wonder how it will compare to Calico?

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  1. Ahhh I love this post SO MUCH! I really want to go to the London one.

  2. I love cats as much as you do and I promise myself a trip to one of these cafes before I die (my ninth death)!

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