Review: Koh Thai Tapas, Bournemouth

Koh Thai Tapas Bournemouth

To any Bournemouth local, Koh Thai seems like an obvious place to visit and review. It’s something of an institution on the Bournemouth independent restaurant scheme after starting up life a handful of years back in the modest Boscombe outlet which quickly became famous for its authentic Thai-inspired cuisine. Continue reading

The Japan Diaries: Calico Cat Cafe, Shinjuku

Calico Cat Cafe Japan

Next up in the journey through Japan is potentially the most momentous and memorable occurrance of the whole trip – a CAT CAFE.

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept (prepare to have your minds blown!) it’s a cafe just like any other, where you can pop for a nice drink or a bite to eat, to socialise with your friends and hang out, but THERE’S A LOAD OF FREAKIN’ CATS. Continue reading

My Skincare Routine: Problem Skin

Everyday Skincare Routine for Acne Prone Skin

I’ve had a battle with my skincare regime for the past two to three years after waking up one day with what can only be described as adult acne. It really was as bad and as sudden as it sounds, and I tried a whole host of expensive treatments and products to combat it. It’s only recently that I’ve found a combination of products which really help. Continue reading

Review: The Bournemouth Pizza Company

Bournemouth Pizza Company Specials Menu

As you will know if you’ve read my Burger Shop review, I’m on a mission to find some awesome restaurants and lunch spots within a stone’s throw of my workplace in Lansdowne, Bournemouth. It only takes a few minutes’ search and a quick filter on Trip Advisor to come across The Bournemouth Pizza Company on St Swithuns Road. It’s about a five minute work from my office, so I figured, let’s go for it!

A really smart and simple little independent restaurant, The Bournemouth Pizza Company offer traditional sit-down and takeaway food at a really reasonable price. Continue reading

The Japan Diaries: Cherry Blossom

Cheryl in Osaka

A huge passion of mine is travelling, and in 2012 I achieved a life-time goal of visiting Japan. I shared some of my experiences on my other blog on here, but I feel there is so much left to say be shared – for all the people who love experiencing new cultures and countries as much as I do. So join me as I take you around Japan, with snaps of some of the most incredible places I’ve ever been; to encourage, inspire and share this amazing place with you all.

Continue reading

The Japan Diaries: Shibuya

Shibuya Crossing

Back in 2012 I embarked on one of my life ambitions – to visit and travel around Japan. I spent three weeks in the country, spending most of my time in Tokyo and Kyoto, but visiting Hiroshima, Osaka, Nara and many more towns and villages on day trips. I’ll be sharing some of my favourite destinations and experiences from my trip of a lifetime, but I thought I’d start off with one of the most iconic places in the country to UK visitors: Shibuya.

You may not recognise the name, but if you’ve seen any movie which features Tokyo, it’s likely that you’ll have seem that world-famous zebra crossing.

No trip to Japan would be complete Shibuya. One of Tokyo’s most famous built up areas, the crossing is a stone’s throw adjacent to one of Tokyo’s busiest railway stations (aka: one of the busiest train stations in the World). The scramble crossing on the Hachikō exit of Shibuya station is a destination most tourists visiting Japan will visit at least once during their trip. Continue reading

Review: The Burger Shop, Bournemouth

Outside view of The Burger Shop, Bournemouth | Dorothy and Alice

The Burger Shop, Bournemouth

They’ve been there for a good few months now, but the new restaurant causing a stir in Bournemouth is The Burger Shop on Old Christchurch Road.

If you’d asked me a few months ago what restaurants are in the Lansdowne end of town I’d have said you’re more likely to find something in the KFC, Subway or O’Neill’s calibre than a burger restaurant which rivals hyped-up London chains Bodean’s and Meat Liquor. The Burger Shop, however, have cropped up in this horribly overlooked part of town, seemingly from nowhere, offering just that. Continue reading

Bloggers Dorset Weekender day Two: Cerne Abbas Giant and an Epic Food Day

Blogger Event Breakfast | Dorothy and Alice

If you read yesterday’s post about my recent adventure to West Dorset (which isn’t much of an adventure when I live in East Dorset!), and how I was invited along to the Bournemouth Bloggers meet-up which involved a fairly random bunch of lovely bloggers from around the country in a cottage in the middle of nowhere for the weekend. Continue reading

Bloggers Dorset Weekender day One: Lulworth Cove and Dorchester

Lulworth Cove in Dorset Storm | Dorothy and Alice

Lulworth Cove Waves in Dorset Storm

At the weekend I was kindly invited along to a bloggers event run by the delightful Hannah Bee and Bournemouth Bloggers.

The event was not just one day but two, to be held in the a glorious five bedroom cottage called Ashley House in Piddletrenthide near Cerne Abbas, Dorset. Continue reading